Industrial Coatings


​We provide cost effective paint solutions for the protection of sturctural steelwork within the most aggressive of environments. From high build alkyd primers,fast drying epoxy primers, one coat high build paints,solvent free one direct to metal primer /finishes  and all available in RAL and BS shades. All industrial coatings comply with the ISO12944-2 corrsion protetcion guidelines and can provide long term corrosion protection in the harshest of environments.


Intumescent Coatings


We are the leading supplier of both in shop and on site intumescent coatings. Under the 'Firetex' brand we can provide fire protection for 30,60,90 and 120 minute for both internal and external steelwork.. The combination of reduced loadings and dft's together with the excellent application properties and drying times ensure that we can offer the most competitive Intumescent Coatings system on the market.Firetex  offers a passive fire protection system that has been researched,developed and tested to the highest international standards.

Marine Coatings

As a supplier of high quality marine paints and coatings  the HEMPEL brand will ensure that your vessel can be maintained in prime condition both inside and out throughout its lifetime. From leisure craft to fishing trawlers,ferries to the largest of vessels we provide the full range of coatings. Decks,topsides ,superstructures aswell as highly efficient anti-foulings are all part of this product portfolio.

Container/Modular Buildings

As the largest supplier to the market we provide innovative coating solutions that provide cost effective long term corrosion protetcion. For both new build and refurb our range of fast curing,high build UV resitance and colour stable coatings have been tried and tested even in the most agreesive offshore environments and applications.

Floor Paints/Line Marking

From doemstic garage floors to large industial warehousing and car parks we can provide tailored solutions depending on location,use and volume of traffic. Conventional single pack paints to epoxies and polyaspartics we can cover every type of substrate. Floor coatings that are fast cure allow for quick turnaround and minimise down time, ideal for re-paint or maintenance programmes.

High visibility line markings from chlorinated rubbers to MMA's are also used for high traffic public or common areas

Paint Spraying Equipment

As part of our desire to provide customers with high levels of service we also supply,service and maintain all types of spray paint machinery and equipment.Under the company name 'Allspray Supplies Ltd' we provide the full range of paint spray equipment ,all the ancillaries aswell as the quickest and most reliable servicing team in the country.

Please visit the ALLSPRAY Supplies site to get further information


OEM/Agricultural Paints

We supply a range of single and two pack paints especially suited for agricultural machinery and construction equipment manufacturers and refurbishers to give superior durability . Current uses include trailers,muck spreaders,tippers,lifting and earth moving and quarry equipment.

High gloss UV resistant topocats ,impact and abrasion resistant coatings would be some examples of products supplied to this sector

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